Vijay Shankar  Balakrishnan

Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan

Journalist, Writer, and Podcaster

Reports & writes on science, health, environment, technology and the sociology of all these both in print & online platforms with multimedia and data graphics whenever possible. Founder of BookPodia.

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The Scientist

Emily Balskus Pins Down the Chemistry and Metabolism of Human Microbiomes | The Scientist Magazine®

Emily Balskus Pins Down the Chemistry and Metabolis...

Can Journalists Help Mitigate Climate Change? | For Triangulation Through Science Communication

For European Conference of Science Journalists - Voiced my text for an artwork by the Spanish-American Artist, Yolanda Del Riego.

Cholera in Yemen

The Lancet Infectious Diseases

871 role of art article

Climate change goes pop - Can popular culture help communicate climate change?

For European Conference of Science Journalists, 2017

In India, diabetes is fast becoming a disease of the poor - An online newspaper in India

Recycling e-waste into nano-dust

Nature India

The Lancet

Ending neglected tropical diseases

The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Parent Bacteria Resist Antibiotics Better than their Offspring

Parent Bacteria Resist Antibiotics Better than thei...

The battle to own the CRISPR–Cas9 gene-editing tool

Magazine of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva

Science Direct

Escalated anthracycline dose in adult AML

The Lancet Oncology

The Scientist

The Scientist

John Iversen Explores our Perception of Musical Rhythm



Visualizing All Phases of the Cell Cycle