Vijay Shankar  Balakrishnan

Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan

Freelance Science/Health Journalist

Reads and writes about all things science, technology, environment, and health. Available to work on topics for online, print, newspaper, and podcasts!

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Biologics dna1 article

Biosimilars: "The Price of Budget Bio-Drugs"

Lab Times | Vijay Shankar ||| Image:

B 14 02 02a article

Volatile Biomarkers - Book Review

Vijay Shankar | LT_2014_02, Page 53

Page0001 page 001 article

Breath Blow Job: On Breath Analysis

Cover Story: Lab Times | Vijay Shankar

Unnamed article

DIY Cryoconcentration Device

For Protein Scientists!
Please Turn to Page 43

2013 05 article

Lab Times

Genome-Wide Association Studies