Vijay Shankar  Balakrishnan

Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan

Journalist, Writer, and Podcaster

Reports & writes on science, health, environment, technology and the sociology of all these both in print & online platforms with multimedia and data graphics whenever possible. Founder of BookPodia.

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Recycling e-waste into nano-dust

Nature India

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Dirty Currency Harbors Pathogens, Antibiotic Resistant Genes

Nature India || Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan

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3D-prints reveal how strong seashells are

Nature India | Vijay Shankar

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Shocking bacteria to death

Nature India | Vijay Shankar | Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) can shock bacteria to death using static electricity on their surface, according to a new research...

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Gene link to mountain sickness - Nature India

Image not part of the published piece, posted just for illustration (not for commercial use)

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A new universal JE vaccine?

On a universal vaccine against Japanese Encephalitis from India | NATURE INDIA | ePub: 23 March 2015 | Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan

India spring 2gb 2 all 141 article

Nature India

Stress cuts down life-expectancy of Madhya Pradesh tribes | Photo Credit: Jeffrey Snodgrass / Colorado State Univ.

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Nature India

Mechanical toolbox aids snappy flight of flies